About US
Akyoh is a Technology Investment Company which based in Cyprus (EU). Our experience from product and service development, sales, marketing and management, networking and e-commerce as well as technology is used by exceptional entrepreneurs to improve their operations, strategies and international presence. We look for fascinating innovation, top talent, great market opportunities, and products and services that make the world a better place.
Our name speaks the mission:
is positive. It is strong and includes powerful energy. Symbolizing intelligence, activity and assertiveness, but also taste for command and sometimes even aggression.
is a powerful letter that symbolizes action. It represents the physical energy as well as moral strength. K means hardworking and capable of directing any material matter. Having great creative abilities and artistic gifts, a true charmer who conquers and always has a positive influence on others, K promotes a balanced sentimental level.
is the letter of progress and evolution. He has talent, tact and succeeds thanks to his personal merits. Busting with energy it is quick in his decisions and actions. He loves conquests and power. Always continues his own path to success. It is able to perform in all areas. This letter has very strong and heated relationships.
reflects passion. The letter of all the passions pushed to the extreme. It has a mission of finding itself. The letter O also stands for completeness, full filled and dedications.
is a balanced letter. It has clarity of judgment and rigor. H is logical and methodical. H stands for the most precious asset which Universe has given to mankind: Time - the one we treasure the most.
our products
e-commerce website
The Internet today seems to be an integral part for every one of us. Together with the evolution of the internet, the e-commerce industry has also experienced significant growth and development. Many services and products have been more easily accessible to consumers. Industry 4.0 is once again evolving into the commercial sector, while also creating favorable opportunities for creative and devoted minds. Today, for the e-commerce industry, customers not only seek the quality of products, customer service, after-sales, cost savings, but they also pay attention to the form of payment. Akyoh has invested in developing an e-commerce system to bring not only diversity, quality but also a secure multi-national payment method.
High-Speed Crypto Wallet
This wallet is one of Akyoh’s most proud scientific technology projects. This Crypto Wallet is capable of holding multiple Crypto-Currencies simultaneously. In addition, this wallet has the ability to accelerate peer-to-peer transactions more than many times thanks to the most advanced technology that Akyoh is investing in. Included with this wallet is a cash debit card, which can be used in all countries. The owner of this Crypto Wallet can convert their crypto money into fiat and transfer it to the card for use. With this product, Akyoh wants to bring all customers the convenience of shopping and transaction at any place and any time.
Trading A.I
Akyoh Trading Artificial Intelligent (A.T.A.I.) is the most advanced, revolutionized trading bot. A.T.A.I features a wide range of settings and specifications designed for both beginner and advanced traders. It can be used across a range of major exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, CEX.io, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex and Gdax). A.T.A.I. also offers backtesting, trailing stop loss, and the ability to trade using multiple exchanges at once. One of the most distinguished features of this trading A.I is the ability of learning from past experience and therefore improves the chance to more accuracy in predicting future index. Akyoh Trading A.I will prove to be the most reliable artificial trading consultant for professional as well as non-professional Crypto-Currency around the world.
Q: How can I register as a member of Akyoh?
A: Please click on [LOG IN], and then fill in the form and answer the prompt questions.
Q: Can I change my username?
A: No, you cannot. So, please choose your username carefully and please double check before you click the [Finish] button.
Q: What currency will be accepted for registering?
A: We only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in the beginning. We will send all members notification when we accept more currency.
Q: Can I change my email?
A: Yes, you can, but only when you can prove to us the account you want to change the email is belong to you. In order to do this, we need you to provide us the changing email request letter with your top leader signature.
So, once again, please double check everything before you click the [Finish] button.
Q: Why is keeping my password safe so important?
A: Because once you lose it, there is no way to recover it.
Keep your password in a separate file or make a hard copy of it (print it or write it down somewhere and keep it in a safe place).
Q: I’ve copied the wrong bitcoin recipient address; my bitcoin was deducted, but I do not receive anything in my account. Can you help me recover my fund?
A: We are so sorry for your lost, but unfortunately, we cannot recover your fund.